Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Trina, is... one of my longest friends. I have known her for about 14 years. We met at college doing performing arts and Today is the saddest day. Let me tell you why after I introduce you to Trina.

Trina is a beautiful girl, I remember the first time I saw her. She had really long, thick brown hair that had so much shine and body I thought 'how on earth does she keep it so healthy WOW' She has the most stunning smile and perfectly straight white teeth and that laugh, so contagious, so unique that you knew it was her from a mile off.

Trina is passionate about everything she does and when she loves someone she loves them 100% and more. She is creative and so artistic. She is the most honest person I know and will always say it how it is even if it offends you, although this was never her intention. She was just a genuine person. She didn't hold bad feelings she believed life was too short to be negative and would always move on from bad situations with her head held high and her middle finger held higher.

Trina and I never fell out over anything. We'd go through our fazes where we'd see each other all the time for a while then we wouldn't see each other for ages but when we did see each other again it was as if we were never apart. Life took us on different journeys after college and we drifted apart a bit but always made time for each other when we could. Our friendship always remained strong.

Trina got diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer, so rare in fact that there were no treatments available apart from trial drugs and the usual treatments wouldn't work. She fought like no other and after being given just 3 months to live she fought for over 5 years and got through brain surgery too.

I will post links below where you can read further in to Katrina's story.

A true survivor, a trooper, inspirational and strong, the strongest person I think anyone will ever meet. Trina raised loads of money for charity and went out of her way above and beyond to make Sarcoma awareness high priority among everyone.

  Unfortunately, Early this morning, Sept 2nd 2014 Trina passed away leaving, who I know, a daughter, a mother and a younger sister heart broken not to mention LOADS of friends and other family that adored her for her stubborn determination in life and her unlimited love and joy she spread. I saw Trina last week on Saturday and spend some time with her and Laura, Laughing and talking and just reminiscing, I feel thankful and blessed that I had the opportunity to see her one last time and kiss her forehead and tell her I love her. Seeing her smile and all familiar mannerisms . even in her last week she was positive and beautiful.

I know Trina, she would not want us sitting round crying, she'd be saying "MAN UP GUYS what's wrong with you it's me gone not you and I'm up here now, out of pain, out of discomfort, I'm not tired any more and I can do all of the things I loved to do again. I can bloody see you and you'll all see me again one day if you can catch me!" I hope she's got some wicked tricks up her sleeve to haunt people with ... we used to talk about haunting people as we both believe in the after life and spirits. Trina has always been such a spiritual person so I trust she is in her element now. at peace in harmony and tranquillity

Some people may not think its OK that I write this blog, too soon?, too personal?.. but I need to. I need to express my feelings and I feel that Trina is here reading this as I type and knowing that my intentions for this blog is to make her and everyone else aware of how loved, valued and important she was to me. People are writing endless comments on Facebook for her so I wanted to do it my way, Trina knows me and knew writing was my way.

Today has made me realise just how short and cruel life can be. So I went to a few old friends houses that have done me wrong in the past and although I have had closure and I have forgiven and forgotten all that they did to me I wanted to make sure they knew. I wanted to clear the air of any bad feelings, hurt, betrayal, regret, denial, hatred, Give myself the opportunity to speak and give them a voice too away from social media bullshit and text jargon.. off guard so there was no pre-meditated fake conversations. I literally drove home from lunch with my two great girl friends Laura and Kimmy and turned round thinking Fuck it.. Go now before it's too late... because we never know when our time is up.

all this has made me see that not everyone are meant to be besties ...As the saying goes, 'People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime'

Laura and I spoke about how sometimes in friendships one friend values the friendship more than the other person so when the friendship ends that person tends to hold onto the pain a bit more especially if they've been hurt by their friend in the process. I think I have now gained the courage and confidence within myself to let my friends know how much I value them and how important to me they are,

That's because of you Treen, You've taught me to take no shit, if I have feelings show them, If I have things I want to say say them! You've shown me how to have integrity, Courageous and how to stay true to myself through any situation past, present or future. Thank you Katrina! I will love you, miss you and think of you every day.

In Memory of my wonderful friend Katrina. R.I.P angel.



Monday, 14 July 2014

Red Vegan Curry Recipe


So I decided to create my own vegan curry with a creamier sauce & I've promised my instagram followers the recipe: @steph_thevegan

So firstly put the rice on to boil. 

You'll need the following; 

Sweet potatoes 
Tinned tomatoes
Vegan cream 
Creamed coconut 
1x tablespoon of the following: 
Garam masala 
1/2-1 pint stock 

Literally chop the potatoes up into cubes 
And put all the ingredients into a deep pN & bring to the boil, stir often & simmer until the potatoes are soft

Delicious, cheap and easy, 

Let me know how it goes 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Vegan curry recipe

So today I started a #3daymealmakeover challenge in Instagram and it's where you post a photo if everything you consume in order to stop binging. 

I posted this photo of my home made vegan curry 

And said I'd post the full recipe on here... 


2 large potatoes diced
1-2 onions quartered 
As many mushrooms as you want 
A few cauliflower florets 
2 large tomatoes quartered 
1 tbsp of the following: 
Garam masala
(More or less to your own preference) 
1 pint of vegetable stock 

Put rice on. 

1. Put potatoes in a frying pan with a splash of oil and the curry spices & lightly fry until they are engrossed in spice. 
(20 mins) 
2. Add onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes etc & fry for about 5 to 10 mins. 
3. Add the stock and let simmer stirring regularly until the potatoes & vegetables are to your required texture. 

Serve & enjoy should serve 2 - 3 people :-) 

Let me know how you go 

Steph x 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe.

Gooday Maties. I have been cooking this Vegan Carrot cake now since January when I decided to become a Vegan and wanted something yummy in the fridge to snack on with a cuppa instead of a choco biccie and I thought it was about time I shared it with you all..

I have been Vegetarian pretty much my whole life but only became Vegan in January 2014 for a number of reasons. Health, IBS, cruelty to animals and so on..


225g Grated, Uncoocked Carrot
170g Sultanas
280g Self Raising Flour
170g Sugar
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Nutmeg
1 teaspoon Ginger
200g Vegan Marge (I use Pure or Vitality)
200ml Orange juice
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

(Cream Icing)

115g Vegan Marge (seperate from the 200g above)
170g Icing sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla essence

1. Mix Sugar & Marge together, mix
2. Add grated Carrot & Sultanas mix
3. add Orange juice, mix
4.add flour, spices &Vanilla, mix
5. spread in a tray (I use a lasagne/pasta bake dish) LOL
6. cook on 170 fpr about 20 minutes or untill you stick a knife in the centre & it comes out clean :-)

7. Leave to cool on the side and make the cream icing by micing all 3 ingredients together untill a smooth cream is made, apply ontop and enjoy!

This recipe makes a rather large family size cake so if you ojly want for 1 or 2 people I would advice halfing the ingredients.

Monday, 7 April 2014

What a Vegan LIFESTYLE can do for you.

Hi there guys and girls,

Today I am here to tell you what a Vegan lifestyle can do for you. Firstly let me remind you that being Vegan is not a diet. It is not an eating disorder it is a way of life, a lifestyle change and a healthy one at that. Uneducated, Small minded, Jealous people will ALWAYS try and find fault in what ever you choose to do OK but you need to understand that's because they are still sitting on their couches on their fat asses chowing down all this disgusting animal produce that they call 'healthy foods' BOLLOCKS! Let me run over real quickly what is actually in your delicious animal produce.


Puss from infected sore udders, 
Medications NOT designed for human consumption given to the animal to treat their infected udders,
Growth Hormones NATURALLY produced by all lactating animals designed to help their babies GAIN WEIGHT, Hormones we as humans are not designed to ingest.


Growth Hormones as stated above,
Medications also stated above but more disgusting ...
STOMACH LINING AND BILE... that's right guys you may as well eat cow sick..


Salmonella, Food poisoning is HIGH RISK from Eggs
High in saturated Fat and Calories.


Growth Hormones,
Steroids to make the animals grow bigger 

Now I have been a Vegetarian for 22-23 years and I love it I am not deficient in any nutrients and I have a naturally low BP, I've never been over weight and never had a health problem. However I have suffered with

Heavy, Painful periods,
Water retention,
Weight Fluctuations,
Fat Storage,
IBS and
Anorexia as a result of my many failed attempts of different diets to help me lean and tone.

I have tried

The Atkins Diet
South Beach Diet
Lemonade Master Cleanse,
Liquid Juice Diet
Slimming World

Now I am about to show you some Photographs.. The first ones were only taken in 2013 (last year) I have only been Vegan since the start of 2014 and the second pics where taken at the end of last month (March) so you can appreciate that the changes wont be DRAMATIC because it's not been very long but in only a few months there is a noticeable change..

But first let me tell you what has changed for me since adopting a Vegan lifestyle

Lighter, Shorter NO PAIN periods
No acne
My skin is clearer
my under eye circles have reduced
my hair is growing
I'm not as pale
I have NOT lost weight on the scales but i have had to tighten my belt by 2 whole holes
I feel stronger
I have better stamina
I am not fatigued all the time
I am not hungry all the time craving crap food
I don't suffer as badly with my IBS and am regular now
I feel happier within myself
I can exercise more and not feel worn out

 Both of these pics have been taken with no make up and with hair tied back and sitting in the same place in my front room. As you can see the 1st picture (before Vegan) I look tired, I have bad skin which is not as noticeable in this pic but Its dry and have pimples, My under eye circles are dark and I'm very pale. The second picture I have more color in my face and I don't look as tired. My pimples have cleared up and my cheeks are not as sunken in.

As you can see in picture one My ass is FLAT ... my lower tummy is a lot more prominent and I'm very bloated. My skin looks awful too. In the second photo My tummy is starting to even out and I have lost some bloat due to water retention and My ass is getting pert and my skin looks smoother. 
I am in the same place in my room using the same iPhone camera in all of my pics. I don't know why the light looks different it was just they way they came out.

Here you can see that my 'saddle bags and love handles' have gone down a little bit, My skin is more even and i am suffering less bruises (I bruise a lot with my job) My tummy is beginning to see some definition too. I am starting to see a pear shape go into hour glass.

This is my fave... Ive almost lost ALL of my lower back fat and my ass is so pert, my thighs are tighter and my upper back muscles are popping. 

I have always exercised so this is not all due to a change in my workout. I have been a Postie for over a year so walk, cycle, jog and lift daily. I have been doing Blogilates for a year and started Pilates, swimming and running both once a week this year But had I not changed to a Vegan lifestyle I would not have the energy to do all of this. Seriously I was so fatigued all of the time it was a struggle to get out of bed before but now, Id happily so something physical every day and feel fine. 

I used to have to drink Red bull daily.. DON'T GET ME WRONG I will have a red bull once a week if have had a really full on few days but I don't rely on it like I used to. 

Now I will continue to share my progress and my health and fitness journey and would LOVE to hear yours. 

If you are thinking of converting to Vegetarian or Vegan and need help with meal plans or nutrients let me know and I will write a blog about what to eat to get the best out of this animal product free life.



thanks for reading. xoxoxox


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Becoming Vegetarian and Vegan

I made a conscious decision to become a Vegetarian when I was 7 years old... 1991-1992 ish when my mum, brother & I moved to Somerset from Essex. 

As a baby or 'toddler' mum always told me that red meat would make me sick so she couldn't feed me things like mince meat and stuff so I think I was always meant to be Vegetarian. 

When we decided to move, our house backed onto fields & there happened to be Cows in the field so for a 7 year old who's never seen a Cow before this was amazing. 

I would sit in the stile at the end if the field beside my garden & talk to the cows, one day a cow I spoke to let me stroke it's nose and I told it how scared I was of Cows because they're so big and I hoped it wouldn't hurt me and that his breath smelled and the cow started to cry, tears ran down it's face and I cried, I promised that cow I would never ever eat meat again and I haven't.

When I fell pregnant I craved Chicken and I promised my baby I'd eat whatever it craved to nourish it and that's the only time since I was 7 I ate any meat. I continued to be vegetarian after I gave birth and am now a Vegan, this is my 5th week being Vegan. I've not drunk Cows milk in years I've always had Soya and haven't eaten eggs in years either they freak me out! But cheese & butter I used to eat till 5 weeks ago.

I love it!!!

Initially I became Vegan because I started  to feel sick after I ate cheese, but the other benefits with my energy, my slim, my body it's awesome but now since I've researched being Vegan I'm a vegan because I'm appalled at how poorly animals are treated it breaks my heart, you would do it to your dog or your child so why a pig? Or cow? Also it's disgusting what is in all meat & dairy produce, things like stomach lining, bile, puss, antibiotics, steroids, poo, eurgh! No wonder people are overweight & sick all the time!

You know the proof is in the pudding!

I don't have asthma, eczema, I'm not over weight, I don't need glasses, I don't have any on going illnesses and am never sick really, In 29 years I've needed 1 filling because I bit my tongue bar & cracked my tooth NOT because I'm unhealthy, my teeth are naturally white & the whites of my eyes are clear. I've got low blood pressure and strong hair & nails. If being Vegetarian/Vegan is THAT bad for you why am I not unhealthy?? 


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Educate yourself VEGAN

As promised in my previous Blog, here are some interesting and gross facts about animals and their produce.

1. Cheese is made Rennet, Rennet is from a Calf stomach lining
2. Vanilla Flavoring has Castoreum in it and Castoreum comes from Beaver Anal Glands
3. 13% of Meat comes from really sick animals
4. Bread Processing needs L-Cysteine which comes from Human Hair or Duck Feathers.
5. Meat in Supermarkets is injected with Carbon Monoxide to help it stay that colour.
6. LEGALLY 4 rodent hair, Poo, Maggots and Insects are allowed to be in meat.
7. 78% of Salmonella in Turkey and 75% In Chickens is antibiotic resistant.
8. Eating Meat raises your risk of, Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke.
9. How much Poo is in your meat? 90% in Chicken & Turkey and 60% in Beef
10. Diseases & Pathogens found in meat: Lysteria, Samonella, Campylobacter & Staph (which kills more Americans than AIDS)

And if that is not enough to stop treating your body like a waste bin how about these facts:

1. Cows & Sheep have almost 360 degree panoramic vision.
2. Cows can smell things from 6 miles away
3. Cows and Sheep show emotions such as Love, Sadness and excitement.
4. Cows, Pigs and sheep form Bonds with each other and with Humans.
5. Chickens talk to their unhatched chicks like a human mother talks to their unborn baby
6. Chickens get REM meaning they dream.
7. Sheep are intelligent enough to self medicate
8. Pigs can run up to 11 MPH
9. Cows are Sacred in Hinduism and Sheep are Sacred in Egypt
10. Pigs enojy Snuggles, Music and playing Football.

SO next time you chow down on a fatty unhealthy disease ridden Burger remember that these animals are intelligent and have emotions similar to a human. THINK TWICE

x S x