Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Becoming Vegetarian and Vegan

I made a conscious decision to become a Vegetarian when I was 7 years old... 1991-1992 ish when my mum, brother & I moved to Somerset from Essex. 

As a baby or 'toddler' mum always told me that red meat would make me sick so she couldn't feed me things like mince meat and stuff so I think I was always meant to be Vegetarian. 

When we decided to move, our house backed onto fields & there happened to be Cows in the field so for a 7 year old who's never seen a Cow before this was amazing. 

I would sit in the stile at the end if the field beside my garden & talk to the cows, one day a cow I spoke to let me stroke it's nose and I told it how scared I was of Cows because they're so big and I hoped it wouldn't hurt me and that his breath smelled and the cow started to cry, tears ran down it's face and I cried, I promised that cow I would never ever eat meat again and I haven't.

When I fell pregnant I craved Chicken and I promised my baby I'd eat whatever it craved to nourish it and that's the only time since I was 7 I ate any meat. I continued to be vegetarian after I gave birth and am now a Vegan, this is my 5th week being Vegan. I've not drunk Cows milk in years I've always had Soya and haven't eaten eggs in years either they freak me out! But cheese & butter I used to eat till 5 weeks ago.

I love it!!!

Initially I became Vegan because I started  to feel sick after I ate cheese, but the other benefits with my energy, my slim, my body it's awesome but now since I've researched being Vegan I'm a vegan because I'm appalled at how poorly animals are treated it breaks my heart, you would do it to your dog or your child so why a pig? Or cow? Also it's disgusting what is in all meat & dairy produce, things like stomach lining, bile, puss, antibiotics, steroids, poo, eurgh! No wonder people are overweight & sick all the time!

You know the proof is in the pudding!

I don't have asthma, eczema, I'm not over weight, I don't need glasses, I don't have any on going illnesses and am never sick really, In 29 years I've needed 1 filling because I bit my tongue bar & cracked my tooth NOT because I'm unhealthy, my teeth are naturally white & the whites of my eyes are clear. I've got low blood pressure and strong hair & nails. If being Vegetarian/Vegan is THAT bad for you why am I not unhealthy??