Sunday, 15 December 2013



Wow so I have written 100 blog posts..  Well this is a milestone for me and Warwick because I weighed him today and he is 1 lb :-)

I am so happy for him, he is now 9 and a half weeks old which is over  were most fading kittens struggle to reach so it looks positive that he'll survive as long as he continues to gain weight. He is now eating with the other kittens and is playing a bit more and grooming himself now too. Waifer (mum) is also feeding him sometimes and cleaning him which is great to see. Its a milestone and I wanted to share it with you.

Keep praying for Warwick #PrayForWarwick and I will blog on his next milestone. 

x S x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Warwick Update 9 days later

Hi everyone.

I'd like to begin by thanking every single one of you for your amazing support and care through this difficult time for me with Warwick. You have all been a tremendous help. It's great to know I have so many friends and family members who care that much about me and Warwick.

I wasn't expecting to be writing an update over a week after being told Warwick only had 48 hours left to live. But, I thought it would be a good read for all of you who have been there for me.

Mum for the cat food, Dad for cat sitting while I have been at work, Chris for feeding Warwick, Jason & Sophia for putting up with my obsession, Carrie, Linda, Lina, Helen, Facebook friends, other Twitter friends for constantly asking how Warwick and I are doing and always praying for him, My work & Managers for being so understanding, Leigh for offering me her queens milk and just anyone else I may of missed out, really there has been so many of you I am overwhelmed.

Last time I blogged about Warwick he weighed: 0.2kg (i think this is right)
                                                                             0.4 lbs.. which I think is

I weighed him today and he was: 0.34kg

so IF i'm correct (by the way it took me the last 30 minutes working this out on Google conversions and looking at tables to figure this out) so if i'm wrong and you are a maths whizz please correct me. BUT I think Warwick has almost doubled his weight?...well anyway he has defo gained weight and that's amazing and I am sooooo happy about this. Thank you everyone again for your prayers.

He is still super underweight (the other three are all nearly 2lbs) so keep praying he continues to progress and get better. You'd hardly recognize him.

I have given him a couple of baths to rid him of fleas so he is all clean and fluffy, he is growing a little belly on him which is making him woddle and he has his voice back and can meow now. He has started eating and drinking on his own and pooing and weeing regularly. He tries to play with the other kittens and loves being around them, He runs, he jumps and he climbs up the side of the sofa :-) It is truly amazing to see.

Here is Warwick then and now photo

I will update you all on Warwicks progress again soon :-)

x S & W x