Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Trina, is... one of my longest friends. I have known her for about 14 years. We met at college doing performing arts and Today is the saddest day. Let me tell you why after I introduce you to Trina.

Trina is a beautiful girl, I remember the first time I saw her. She had really long, thick brown hair that had so much shine and body I thought 'how on earth does she keep it so healthy WOW' She has the most stunning smile and perfectly straight white teeth and that laugh, so contagious, so unique that you knew it was her from a mile off.

Trina is passionate about everything she does and when she loves someone she loves them 100% and more. She is creative and so artistic. She is the most honest person I know and will always say it how it is even if it offends you, although this was never her intention. She was just a genuine person. She didn't hold bad feelings she believed life was too short to be negative and would always move on from bad situations with her head held high and her middle finger held higher.

Trina and I never fell out over anything. We'd go through our fazes where we'd see each other all the time for a while then we wouldn't see each other for ages but when we did see each other again it was as if we were never apart. Life took us on different journeys after college and we drifted apart a bit but always made time for each other when we could. Our friendship always remained strong.

Trina got diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer, so rare in fact that there were no treatments available apart from trial drugs and the usual treatments wouldn't work. She fought like no other and after being given just 3 months to live she fought for over 5 years and got through brain surgery too.

I will post links below where you can read further in to Katrina's story.

A true survivor, a trooper, inspirational and strong, the strongest person I think anyone will ever meet. Trina raised loads of money for charity and went out of her way above and beyond to make Sarcoma awareness high priority among everyone.

  Unfortunately, Early this morning, Sept 2nd 2014 Trina passed away leaving, who I know, a daughter, a mother and a younger sister heart broken not to mention LOADS of friends and other family that adored her for her stubborn determination in life and her unlimited love and joy she spread. I saw Trina last week on Saturday and spend some time with her and Laura, Laughing and talking and just reminiscing, I feel thankful and blessed that I had the opportunity to see her one last time and kiss her forehead and tell her I love her. Seeing her smile and all familiar mannerisms . even in her last week she was positive and beautiful.

I know Trina, she would not want us sitting round crying, she'd be saying "MAN UP GUYS what's wrong with you it's me gone not you and I'm up here now, out of pain, out of discomfort, I'm not tired any more and I can do all of the things I loved to do again. I can bloody see you and you'll all see me again one day if you can catch me!" I hope she's got some wicked tricks up her sleeve to haunt people with ... we used to talk about haunting people as we both believe in the after life and spirits. Trina has always been such a spiritual person so I trust she is in her element now. at peace in harmony and tranquillity

Some people may not think its OK that I write this blog, too soon?, too personal?.. but I need to. I need to express my feelings and I feel that Trina is here reading this as I type and knowing that my intentions for this blog is to make her and everyone else aware of how loved, valued and important she was to me. People are writing endless comments on Facebook for her so I wanted to do it my way, Trina knows me and knew writing was my way.

Today has made me realise just how short and cruel life can be. So I went to a few old friends houses that have done me wrong in the past and although I have had closure and I have forgiven and forgotten all that they did to me I wanted to make sure they knew. I wanted to clear the air of any bad feelings, hurt, betrayal, regret, denial, hatred, Give myself the opportunity to speak and give them a voice too away from social media bullshit and text jargon.. off guard so there was no pre-meditated fake conversations. I literally drove home from lunch with my two great girl friends Laura and Kimmy and turned round thinking Fuck it.. Go now before it's too late... because we never know when our time is up.

all this has made me see that not everyone are meant to be besties ...As the saying goes, 'People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime'

Laura and I spoke about how sometimes in friendships one friend values the friendship more than the other person so when the friendship ends that person tends to hold onto the pain a bit more especially if they've been hurt by their friend in the process. I think I have now gained the courage and confidence within myself to let my friends know how much I value them and how important to me they are,

That's because of you Treen, You've taught me to take no shit, if I have feelings show them, If I have things I want to say say them! You've shown me how to have integrity, Courageous and how to stay true to myself through any situation past, present or future. Thank you Katrina! I will love you, miss you and think of you every day.

In Memory of my wonderful friend Katrina. R.I.P angel.