Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Educate yourself VEGAN

As promised in my previous Blog, here are some interesting and gross facts about animals and their produce.

1. Cheese is made Rennet, Rennet is from a Calf stomach lining
2. Vanilla Flavoring has Castoreum in it and Castoreum comes from Beaver Anal Glands
3. 13% of Meat comes from really sick animals
4. Bread Processing needs L-Cysteine which comes from Human Hair or Duck Feathers.
5. Meat in Supermarkets is injected with Carbon Monoxide to help it stay that colour.
6. LEGALLY 4 rodent hair, Poo, Maggots and Insects are allowed to be in meat.
7. 78% of Salmonella in Turkey and 75% In Chickens is antibiotic resistant.
8. Eating Meat raises your risk of, Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke.
9. How much Poo is in your meat? 90% in Chicken & Turkey and 60% in Beef
10. Diseases & Pathogens found in meat: Lysteria, Samonella, Campylobacter & Staph (which kills more Americans than AIDS)

And if that is not enough to stop treating your body like a waste bin how about these facts:

1. Cows & Sheep have almost 360 degree panoramic vision.
2. Cows can smell things from 6 miles away
3. Cows and Sheep show emotions such as Love, Sadness and excitement.
4. Cows, Pigs and sheep form Bonds with each other and with Humans.
5. Chickens talk to their unhatched chicks like a human mother talks to their unborn baby
6. Chickens get REM meaning they dream.
7. Sheep are intelligent enough to self medicate
8. Pigs can run up to 11 MPH
9. Cows are Sacred in Hinduism and Sheep are Sacred in Egypt
10. Pigs enojy Snuggles, Music and playing Football.

SO next time you chow down on a fatty unhealthy disease ridden Burger remember that these animals are intelligent and have emotions similar to a human. THINK TWICE

x S x


  1. #6 about the rodent poo etc... its also in most cereals and grains. buy kosher they are better about rodent stuff.
    also about breads - breads are processed much more these days to make them rise faster. that should be the main worry. there's so many toxic chemicals in our food that are doing so much harm. not to forget the inhumane settings for factory farming. :-(

  2. also its awesome you are vegan... we're going out for a vegan dinner on monday wish you could come with us!