Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My New Vegan Lifestyle

Hi Guys and Girls,

I am on a mission to be the healthiest I have ever been this year (2014) Let me tell you a bit about my past diet and lifestyle and you will see that I am taking this very seriously.

I started smoking ages 15, I smoked for about 11 years and some times got to smoking 10-15 ready mades a day (more if I was going out drinking)

I started clubbing aged 15 and would go out every weekend, Friday and Saturday night, I would get drunk I would also drink in the week down at the local pub. I worked in a pub too when I was about 18 and used to go out after work all the time. I was a party animal.

I would eat chip kebabs, Pizza and all sorts of other processed foods and drinks.

My only form of exercise was dancing in the night club and I would sleep with my make up on.


So, I've been a Vegetarian for 22 years and gave up Dairy Milk about a year or so ago and swapped it for Soya milk. I gave up smoking in June/July 2010 so I have been smoke free for about 3 1/2 years :-) I don't go out clubbing anymore but will indulge for special occasions such as New Year, Birthdays etc and have really upped my fitness with Bike rides, Walks, Jogging, Kettle Bell and Blogilates I am also looking to start Pilates. I eat a lot more fruit and have been trying to eat cleaner for the past 6+ months BUT... I want to go further, so, I am going VEGAN :-) that is right no more Cheese, Butter, Eggs (not that I liked them much before #phobia) I started on 18.01.2014 and I will show you my last 3 days food & fitness diary below.

Day 1

Tea with Soya Milk
Lunch-2x Wholemeal Pitta bread
1 with Vegan Turkey, tomato & Mustard
1 with Houmous
Dinner-Wholemeal Pasta with Mushrooms in a Soya Cream & White wine sauce
Snacks-Dairy Free Chocolate, Dairy Free Soya Yogurt, Soya Choco Milk.

Day 2

Coffee with Soya Milk
Tea with Soya Milk
2x Soya choco yogs
Cashew Nuts
Soya Choco Milk
Dairy free choco
Soya Cheese & Sweet Potato mash vegan sheppards pie made with dried Soya protein mince and mixed veg
1 wholemeal pitta
2 fruit soya yogs

Day 3

Coffee Soya Milk
Tea Soya Milk
1x WM Pitta bread with Vegan cheese and Vegan turkey
Rice noodles with Bean sprouts, Mushrooms and Soy sauce
2 Soya yogurts
Banana & Pineapple Soya milk, Soya yogurt smoothie

Victoria secret Blogilates Abs workout.

THERE!! what do you all think?

I will right another blog with some interesting and gross facts about Veganism and animal produce for you all to educate yourself on!

WAAAAA Happy January people




  1. i switched over to a vegan lifestyle last august, when my body couldn't handle stuff for whatever reason (america uses a lot of stuff that's banned in europe and asia... no wonder everyone is obese and sick)

    1. Hi Pree,

      I would Love to read about how you found becoming Vegan and any great recipes or meal ideas you have.