Monday, 7 April 2014

What a Vegan LIFESTYLE can do for you.

Hi there guys and girls,

Today I am here to tell you what a Vegan lifestyle can do for you. Firstly let me remind you that being Vegan is not a diet. It is not an eating disorder it is a way of life, a lifestyle change and a healthy one at that. Uneducated, Small minded, Jealous people will ALWAYS try and find fault in what ever you choose to do OK but you need to understand that's because they are still sitting on their couches on their fat asses chowing down all this disgusting animal produce that they call 'healthy foods' BOLLOCKS! Let me run over real quickly what is actually in your delicious animal produce.


Puss from infected sore udders, 
Medications NOT designed for human consumption given to the animal to treat their infected udders,
Growth Hormones NATURALLY produced by all lactating animals designed to help their babies GAIN WEIGHT, Hormones we as humans are not designed to ingest.


Growth Hormones as stated above,
Medications also stated above but more disgusting ...
STOMACH LINING AND BILE... that's right guys you may as well eat cow sick..


Salmonella, Food poisoning is HIGH RISK from Eggs
High in saturated Fat and Calories.


Growth Hormones,
Steroids to make the animals grow bigger 

Now I have been a Vegetarian for 22-23 years and I love it I am not deficient in any nutrients and I have a naturally low BP, I've never been over weight and never had a health problem. However I have suffered with

Heavy, Painful periods,
Water retention,
Weight Fluctuations,
Fat Storage,
IBS and
Anorexia as a result of my many failed attempts of different diets to help me lean and tone.

I have tried

The Atkins Diet
South Beach Diet
Lemonade Master Cleanse,
Liquid Juice Diet
Slimming World

Now I am about to show you some Photographs.. The first ones were only taken in 2013 (last year) I have only been Vegan since the start of 2014 and the second pics where taken at the end of last month (March) so you can appreciate that the changes wont be DRAMATIC because it's not been very long but in only a few months there is a noticeable change..

But first let me tell you what has changed for me since adopting a Vegan lifestyle

Lighter, Shorter NO PAIN periods
No acne
My skin is clearer
my under eye circles have reduced
my hair is growing
I'm not as pale
I have NOT lost weight on the scales but i have had to tighten my belt by 2 whole holes
I feel stronger
I have better stamina
I am not fatigued all the time
I am not hungry all the time craving crap food
I don't suffer as badly with my IBS and am regular now
I feel happier within myself
I can exercise more and not feel worn out

 Both of these pics have been taken with no make up and with hair tied back and sitting in the same place in my front room. As you can see the 1st picture (before Vegan) I look tired, I have bad skin which is not as noticeable in this pic but Its dry and have pimples, My under eye circles are dark and I'm very pale. The second picture I have more color in my face and I don't look as tired. My pimples have cleared up and my cheeks are not as sunken in.

As you can see in picture one My ass is FLAT ... my lower tummy is a lot more prominent and I'm very bloated. My skin looks awful too. In the second photo My tummy is starting to even out and I have lost some bloat due to water retention and My ass is getting pert and my skin looks smoother. 
I am in the same place in my room using the same iPhone camera in all of my pics. I don't know why the light looks different it was just they way they came out.

Here you can see that my 'saddle bags and love handles' have gone down a little bit, My skin is more even and i am suffering less bruises (I bruise a lot with my job) My tummy is beginning to see some definition too. I am starting to see a pear shape go into hour glass.

This is my fave... Ive almost lost ALL of my lower back fat and my ass is so pert, my thighs are tighter and my upper back muscles are popping. 

I have always exercised so this is not all due to a change in my workout. I have been a Postie for over a year so walk, cycle, jog and lift daily. I have been doing Blogilates for a year and started Pilates, swimming and running both once a week this year But had I not changed to a Vegan lifestyle I would not have the energy to do all of this. Seriously I was so fatigued all of the time it was a struggle to get out of bed before but now, Id happily so something physical every day and feel fine. 

I used to have to drink Red bull daily.. DON'T GET ME WRONG I will have a red bull once a week if have had a really full on few days but I don't rely on it like I used to. 

Now I will continue to share my progress and my health and fitness journey and would LOVE to hear yours. 

If you are thinking of converting to Vegetarian or Vegan and need help with meal plans or nutrients let me know and I will write a blog about what to eat to get the best out of this animal product free life.



thanks for reading. xoxoxox


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